Parkland Hospital Parking Garage - Perforated Panel

Perforated Panel Systems

A perforated panel system is a façade mounting unit that incorporates perforated materials for the visual surface of a design. Utilizing BIM/REVIT, 3D laser scanning and CNC technology, KSC can create a wide array of patterns using different sized holes and spacing to make a truly unique design statement.

Our in-house large format CNC machines can produce virtually any type of design patterns, even complex ones.  We can work with a wide variety of metals for our panels, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, and Metal Composite Materials (MCM).

Perforated panel systems provide clients and designers with the ability to create a custom visual effect without the need to alter the façade mounting system.

KSC is a leader in designing, fabricating, and installing perforated panel systems. Our team has an unmatched level of experience in the industry, which benefits our clients by decreasing production and installation times.

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