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Today’s technologies make it possible for architects to conceive unprecedented designs. Contractors arrive on site with more tools than ever at their disposal. Building owners proudly take delivery on structures that are able to mimic the world around them.

As a designer, fabricator, and installer of architectural metalwork, KSC is right there, from start to finish. We work with each partner to achieve our common goal: a design that works, construction that’s timely and efficient, and a finished product that’s sustainable and reflects the owner’s brand.


KSC specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural façade systems. But as important as what we do is how we do it. At KSC, we offer a collaborative view of the building process, driven by a team intent on delivering a project that exceeds every expectation, with solutions that are outside the norm.



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Benjamin Smith

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KSC Team | Matthew Le

Matthew Le

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Jose Garza

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Colton Slusser

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Bill Webb

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Colyn Gugelman

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Andres Montoya

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Jarin Hanika