KSC works with architects and contractors to design, fabricate, and install a wide variety of architectural façade solutions.

We forecast, track, and execute efficiently to keep you on schedule and within budget. KSC’s state-of-the-art technology integrates the latest CAD and BIM software tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Inventor. Our services include laser scanning to monitor and address discrepancies between construction documents and existing field conditions. And our collaborative approach—including design input—means fewer surprises throughout the process while maintaining the intent of the original design.

Twelve Cowboys Way - Design Assist

Design Assist

KSC takes the legwork out of the design process, coordinating on your behalf with designers, architects, and engineers to ensure that your vision becomes a reality on time and in budget. With clear communication, we make the process seamless from start to finish.


Collin College Technical Campus

3D Scanning & BIM

When traditional methods prove inefficient, KSC uses 3D laser scanning and BIM (Building Information Modeling). Our laser scanning can digitally capture data, accurately describe an object, or space, and translate it into a 3D digital representation. BIM results in precise measurements that virtually eliminate mistakes and costly call-backs.

Lifetime - Corporate Branding

KSC Corporate Branding

With KSC, partners don’t have to choose between on-brand designs and structural integrity. Our expertise and extensive in-house capabilities mean we offer brand consistency that endures, with no surprises.

The Stack - Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

KSC uses CNC machining technology to create panel systems with the highest level of beauty and accuracy. Our use of advanced fabrication methods means we deliver even the most challenging designs, like those with perforations, difficult shapes, or complex curves for a wide range of architectural metalwork applications including trim, flashings, column covers, sunshades, louvers, screens, and more.

The Pittman - Installation


KSC not only designs and fabricates, but also expertly installs façade projects of every type. Because the method used to install a façade on a structure can impact its appearance and performance, KSC provides a range of installation options and will help you select the one best suited to the size, complexity, and regional conditions of your project.