KSC uses a variety of creative surface offerings, from aluminum and wood grain metal to phenolic composites. With applications including walls, columns, and interiors, our solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of all project types.

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion

When the design of a large-scale project limits the use of flat panels, we often recommend the use of custom extruded aluminum systems.

These systems can be unitized for faster installation. Durable finish options include high-grade Duranar paint and powder coatings as simulated wood finishes.

KSC can install heavy aluminum systems with floating edge details to create dramatic building facades.

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Post Painted Aluminum Plate on Building

Post Painted Aluminum Plate

Aluminum plate is a flat material that is widely used in the manufacturing of architectural metal façade panels. It is typically chosen due to its light weight, formability, and potential to easily be finished in a variety of ways.

One of the most popular methods of finishing is post painting. This process refers to paint coatings that are applied after the aluminum has been formed and fabricated.

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Aluminum Composite Material on Building

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite is a thin, lightweight panel produced by bonding two sheets of aluminum to a low-density core. The combination results in great rigidity and a high strength-to-weight ratio that has created a revolution in the commercial construction industry.

Remarkably durable, aluminum composite panels offer unsurpassed consistency and performance, and KSC can provide them in a wide range of colors and finishes.

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Phenolic Composite

High-density phenolic composite is a closed-cell, homogenous material composed of wood fibers bonded with thermosetting resins. Highly resistant to both impact and damaging graffiti, these panels are particularly well-suited for walls that are adjacent to pedestrian traffic.

KSC offers them in a wide range of colors and decorative finishes, including wood grain prints fused to the core in a process that prevents the absorption of water or delamination.

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Wood Grain Metal on Building

Wood Grain Metal

The beauty and character of wood come together with the low-maintenance durability of aluminum in wood grain metal. Greatly surpassing the longevity of both wood and wood veneer, KSC makes this product available in two forms: an aluminum composite material and an advanced powder coating that’s applied to aluminum. Both create a surface that is lightweight, non-combustible, and long-lasting.

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Widely considered a classic building material, copper can be used to bring additional prestige and character to both traditional and modern architectural styles.

It’s highly durable and gains added visual appeal as it ages. Clear copper develops a dark patina, but pre-weathered coppers offer other options, including turquoise patinas that would normally take several decades to develop naturally.

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