Twelve Cowboys Way - Post Painted Aluminum

Post Painted Aluminum Plates

KSC is an industry leader in designing, fabricating, and installing post painted aluminum plates. Utilizing CNC, laser cutting and automated bending equipment, aluminum alloy plates are created and can be used in a wide variety of applications. After the plates are produced, they can be painted to complement the design elements of any façade system.

Known for its aesthetic beauty and rugged durability, KSC offers our post painted aluminum plates in a vast array of finishes and colors. While Fluropon and powder coating finishes are extremely popular, over 50,000 painted colors are available, including solids, metallic and special effects.

Our design team has an unmatched level of expertise and experience integrating color-matched post painted aluminum plates into a wide variety of façade systems to give our clients’ buildings and structures a truly unique and distinctive look.

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