AMLI Fountain Place - Louvers & Covers

Louvers and Column Covers

Louvers are a grouping of panels with angled, horizontal slats that allow light and air to enter into a structure, but not rain or direct sunlight. A cover is a cylindrical or square enclosure that goes around a building column.

Louvers are ideal for any building that would require regular ventilation. Column covers are widely used to give an appealing appearance to otherwise unsightly structural columns.

KSC is an industry leader in designing, fabricating, and installing custom louvers and column covers, all made to meet the unique needs of each client. We offer a vast variety of different finish choices and configurations, which gives every structure we work on a truly distinguishable look.

Our unmatched level of experience provides our clients with faster manufacturing and installation times. Quality workmanship and performance is the foundation of everything we do.

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