KSC Services

Q: What types of projects does KSC work on?

A: KSC works on Institutional, Educational, Commercial, Sports and other kinds of structures.

Q: What is KSC’s Service Area?

A: KSC serves primarily Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We can work in other locations based on client request and scope of work.

Q: Will my project go on a waiting list?

A: KSC is flexible and works with our clients’ schedules. Having multiple crews allows us to complete numerous projects simultaneously.

Q: What types of fabrication services do you offer?

A: KSC fabricates Aluminum Composite Material for building façade panels, custom unitized parking screens and Phenolic (HPL) material for building facades.

Q: What are the benefits of Design Assist?

A: Design Assist benefits our clients by providing KSC engineers and designers an opportunity to evaluate a project early in the construction process.

This allows our team the time they need to create efficient designs and make appropriate material recommendations.

We have found that this strategy often results in time and cost savings for our clients, without sacrificing building aesthetics.

Q: How can I get the most from my fabrication project?

A: As a fabricator and installer of custom building facades, KSC typically works for a general contractor (GC) who manages the construction process.

Once a client hires an architect to complete the design phase of a project, the general contractor receives documents that outline the scope of work.

The GC then hires KSC to fabricate and install the selected material. Adhering to the project guidelines and maintaining open communication between the client and the contractor will help ensure successful completion of the project.

Occasionally, KSC will fabricate and furnish only ACM building panels. Material requirements are provided by the client and KSC will fabricate the required panels.

Q: What are KSC “Systems”?

• A: The KSC 2100 is a ventilated rainscreen system used primarily with aluminum composite material. It is a fully engineered system that looks clean and crisp, providing a defined recessed sightline between panels.
• B: KSC 1200 is a wet seal system that uses backer rod and sealant assembly at the panel joints to create a barrier system to keep the weather out.
• C: KSC 3000 is a modified version of our KSC 2100 screening system that is designed for specific applications.
• D: KSC 4000 aluminum plate system is a tested pressure equalized rainscreen system that utilizes a simple interlocking method between panels to allow for installation on a wide variety of substrates.
• E: KSC’s EFS 1000 is an engineered facade system that can be utilized on multiple different applications but is designed for parking garages or other applications that have a large cantilever.

Q: What types of surface products do you offer?

A: We can provide custom building façade systems with a wide variety of surface choices.

Q: What are the stages of your construction process?

A: Discovery
B: Design
C: Cost Estimating
D: Fabrication
E: Installation

Q: What types of crews do you utilize for the installation process?

A: All of our team members are certified trained professionals.

Q: How frequently will I receive updates about my project?

A: Typical updates are shared via our weekly coordination meetings.

Q: How do you ensure that the project will progress in a timely manner?

A: Our highly experienced construction project managers work closely with the general contractor’s building team to maintain schedules and communicate updates throughout the construction process.

Q: What can cause schedule changes?

A: Unfavorable weather, product shortages or delays caused by other trades people.

Q: What about permits?

A: Permits are obtained by the building owner’s representatives.

Q: How can I get a quote for my project?

A: We are happy to provide a quote. Please fill out our contact form here and give us as many details as possible.

Q: What is the payment process?

A: A deposit for material acquisition may be required, depending upon the circumstances of the project. Moving forward, monthly requisitions will be submitted.

Q: How quickly can you begin a project?

A: A project can begin once a contract is signed. However, there are many factors that can affect the actual installation of materials. The design must be complete and all required documents and approvals must be in place.

Once the building is ready for installation, our custom fabricated product is usually delivered to the site within 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: How can I receive samples of your product types?

A: Contact one of our representatives at vneault@ksc.us.com.

Q: Do you have examples of your previous projects?

A: Yes, we have case studies with photos and project details. View them here.

Q: Do you work with corporate enterprise brands?

A: Yes, our team specializes in offering design and installation services that will fully align with your brand.