Verizon Hidden Ridge Building Façade
Verizon Hidden Ridge Building Unitized Panel System
Verizon Hidden Ridge Building Custom Façade

Verizon Hidden Ridge

We worked closely with Beck to design, fabricate and install the complex custom façade of a a new three-level parking structure using over 500 panels made of aluminum and expanded metal.

Because the design was completely custom with no precedence, fabrication constraints were only able to be understood as the project progressed in design and fabrication.

All materials included were either custom die extrusion, custom expanded metal pattern or custom fabrication components. Each component had individual detail and was engineered with separate fabrication techniques.

KSC’s unitized panel system allows for shop fabrication, increased attention to detail and an easier, quicker installation. The ten expanded metal and aluminum frame unitized panels for this job were created in the controlled environment of the our shop to ensure quality and expedite installation.

Hundreds of individual panels had to be assembled with zero tolerance, like matting a picture. We identified and mitigated constructibility issues early on modified attachment methods to meet these stringent requirements as well as provided necessary additional quality control.

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Beck Architecture, LLC

Square Feet:



  • Design Assist

  • 3D & Scanning

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Installation


  • ACM Systems

  • Screening and Unitized System


  • Aluminum Composite