UTD Athenaeum – In Process

The University of Texas at Dallas is evolving its campus into a cultural hub by creating a 56,000 SF museum, the Edith and Peter O’Donnell Jr. Athenaeum. The Athenaeum is comprised of three new buildings – the Crow Museum of Asian Art, a performance hall, and a museum for the traditional arts of the Americas – all centered around a vibrant plaza. As a standout feature of the project, the Athenaeum’s 1,100-car parking structure will be made up of over 9,900 SF of aluminum composite material and custom painted and perforated aluminum plate.

In order to fully capture the culture behind the Crow Museum of Asian Art, the client required a fabricator capable of integrating artistic perspectives into the metal panel facade system. KSC’s expertise in innovative architectural solutions, combined with its ability to customize products, provide design assistance, and install the panels, perfectly addressed this need.

KSC collaborated with Morphosis Architects and The Beck Group to craft a metal facade system that complements the structure’s vision while showcasing expertise in innovative architectural solutions. Utilizing the KSC-3000 and KSC-EFS 1000 systems, KSC ensures that every aspect of the garage screen will meet both functional requirements and artistic aspirations.

The meticulous attention to detail and seamless coordination between KSC, Morphosis Architects, and The Beck Group ensures the garage screen’s successful integration and contributes to the Athenaeum’s status as a beacon of creativity and excellence in architectural design.

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Square Feet:

The University of Texas at Dallas


  • Design Assist

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Installation

  • 3D & Scanning


  • ACM Systems

  • Screening and Unitized System


  • Post Painted Aluminum Plate

  • Aluminum Composite