UT Dallas Parking Structure Exterior
UT Dallas Parking Structure Screening and Unitized System
UT Dallas Parking Structure Pre-Fabricated Panel Modules
UT Dallas Parking Structure Richardson Texas
UT Dallas Parking Structure

UT Dallas Parking Structure

The graphic “waveform” concept developed by the architects at HKS was a perfect fit for this progressive university, given a curriculum based in science, mathematics and technology. KSC faced the challenge of making that concept a reality.

The solution: Use highly accurate 3D design and custom dies to produce perfectly shaped, extruded aluminum angles, replacing the less precise, bent-plate aluminum specified in the original construction drawings. This allowed KSC to fabricate a full-scale mock-up on the exterior of their own building for troubleshooting and feasibility tests and eliminated the need for cumbersome and time-consuming field assembly of the more than 3,000 decorative components. Installation time was literally cut in half.

KSC implemented other efficiencies as well, designing and fabricating special trailers equipped with a system that allowed their pre-fabricated panel modules to be hoisted directly onto the parking structure. KSC further added an extra flagging component to escort inbound shipments directly to the job site, minimizing disruption to the flow of activity on a busy university campus.

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University of Texas at Dallas

TEXO-Distinguished Building Award Winner*


  • Design Assist

  • 3D & Scanning

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Installation


  • Screening and Unitized System


  • Aluminum Composite

  • Aluminum Extrusion