ESC Region 19 Conference Center and Parking Garage Nighttime
ESC Region 19 Conference Center and Parking Garage
ESC Region 19 Conference Center and Parking Garage
ESC Region 19 Conference Center and Parking Garage

ESC Region 19

The Region 19 Education Service Center is one of 20 centers that function throughout the state of Texas as a link between school districts and charter schools to aid teachers and administrators in their role as educators of our children. As part of recent expansion plans, Mijares-Mora Architects and BTC were tasked with creating a new six-story, 50,000 SF conference center and 650-car parking structure that would bring unlimited event possibilities for the city. The new facility is in close proximity to the El Paso International Airport and sits at the center of a mixed-use entertainment district providing an unrivaled location for the area.

“This new conference center will be transformative for the size & complexity of events we can host. It significantly expands our ability to serve our growing community & attract national conventions,” said Dr. Armando Aguirre, ESC 19 Executive Director. “We are very proud and excited for this project which is an incredible legacy for ESC 19 in service to all of our region.”

KSC engineers prepared shop drawings in accordance to contract documents to help bring to life a building meant to showcase both El Paso’s sophisticated infrastructure and its progressive innovation. The conference center and parking garage were constructed with both ACM panels and custom-etched stainless steel screening which required a metal façade contractor with the capabilities and experience in fabrication and installation of unique materials. The answer? KSC.

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Mijares-Mora Architects

Square Feet:

Education Service Center Region 19


  • 3D & Scanning

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Installation


  • ACM Systems

  • Perforated Panel Systems


  • Aluminum Composite