Dallas Holocaust Museum Building Façade
Dallas Holocaust Museum Building Interior
Dallas Holocaust Museum Façade
Dallas Holocaust Museum ACM Systems

Dallas Holocaust Museum

The new 55,000 SF Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum built by Omniplan and Austin Commercial has come a long way from its original location in the tiny basement of the Dallas Jewish Community Center back in 1977. Now a highlight of the city’s West End and built on what was formerly an industrial site adjacent to a former rail line, the vision for the museum is “to create a deep and authentic experiential journey that grapples with the most difficult and perplexing issues plaguing humanity”.

The museum’s focus on a simple but powerful design was not founded by accident as the idea is to provide an experience that allows visitors to focus on the exhibits in front of them and not their surroundings. As part of this, KSC fabricated infill panel systems, ACM systems, and aluminum composite throughout.

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OMNIPLAN Architects

Square Feet:

Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Services, Systems & Surfaces

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Infill Panel Systems

  • ACM Systems

  • Aluminum Composite