Charles Schwab Headquarters

Westlake, Texas home. The new campus covers over 1.1 million square feet of land spread across 70 acres inside Hillwood’s Circle T Ranch Development.


Designed by Corgan and brought to life by DPR Construction, the campus will ultimately house around 6,000 employees who will enjoy an aesthetic theme of a ‘modern ranch’. With the desire for people to instantly be transfixed by the beauty of Texas, the buildings overlook Turner Lake and the surrounding Circle T Ranch. Outdoor water features, landscaped pedestrian walks, wide stretches of glass, sloping roofs and balconies, and the use polished wood and rough stone on both the inside and exteriors bring about the desired rustic feel while the materials were as locally sourced from Texas-based providers whenever possible.


The campus also includes an amenity building complete with a cafeteria, training rooms, meeting areas and a large multipurpose room that Schwab plans to open to the community. In addition, numerous collaboration areas and workspaces within the campus allow employees to work from anywhere.


With the client needing a company that could provide services for a large-scale facade and soffit project, KSC was the perfect choice. KSC utilized both aluminum composite and longboard woodgrain extruded aluminum panels in our exterior work across the project.

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Square Feet:

Charles Schwab

Services & Surfaces

  • Installation

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Aluminum Composite

  • Aluminum Extrusion