Municipal Complex North Texas
Municipal Complex Anna Texas Side Entrance
Municipal Complex Anna Texas Roof
City of Anna Fire Department Fire Administration Building
Garage Doors for Firetrucks and Ambulances
City of Anna Central Fire Station Building
City of Anna Central Fire Station Garage Doors
City of Anna Central Fire Station Roof

Anna Municipal Complex

As one of the five fastest-growing cities in North Texas, Anna is continuing to prime itself for the future. “In 2017, we really started changing the overall culture of the city,” Mayor Nate Pike told the Dallas Business Journal“Knowing that all of North Texas is growing rapidly, we are going to grow, so we might as well embrace it and do a lot of planned, managed growth,” Pike said. “We’re one of the final blank canvases left in Collin County where you can really create something special here.”

That blank canvas now includes a brand new municipal complex and fire station. In conjunction with Randall Scott Architects and Lee Lewis Construction, KSC helped bring to life state-of-the-art buildings in a city that previously lacked any architectural focal points.

KSC engineers had to laser scan all of the surfaces of the building to calculate correct panel dimensions and shapes to accommodate the geometric touchpoints throughout the building design.

This project required a panel contractor that had the experience and technology to be able to manufacture the over 12,000 SF of ACM needed to make up the tapered ovals, outward tilting walls, and complex angles. KSC was the perfect partner for the job.

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Randall Scott Architects

Square Feet:

City of Anna


  • 3D & Scanning

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Installation


  • ACM Systems


  • Aluminum Composite