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AMLI Fountain Place

In 1986, distinguished architects Harry Weese and Harry Cobb of I.M. Pei constructed the Fountain Place tower, which remains a defining point of the Dallas skyline, today. With plans to craft a second, they could have never imagined that 30 years later, their efforts would result in the spectacular AMLI Fountain Place residential tower, brought to life by Page Southerland Page, Inc and Archer Western Construction.

Now the tallest residence and only for-rent high-rise in the Dallas Arts District, the newly completed project pays homage to the original building’s iconic exterior with its orientation, geometry and green glass selection. Key features incorporate a modernized façade design to ensure that the new building provides a hospitable, residential feeling – including the use of balconies.

Thirty-five floors comprised of 367 units sit atop a 10-story base that includes a spacious lobby, contemporary common areas and a secure parking garage.

It was important to all parties involved that this new project be a timeless addition to the Dallas cityscape next to its exemplary sibling. No elements of architectural fabrication were left untouched. Knowing that the glass exterior would be the primary correlation between the two buildings, and to stay consistent with the original modern design, aluminum composite panels were carefully selected to complement the majestic façade. The ACM panels not only finish the edges of the inset balconies, but they also add a dramatic effect to the parking garage.

For KSC, ACM was selected for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Alpolic 4MM FR core aluminum composite material was used in the color Mica, which functions well with the reflective glass that wraps the entirety of the structure. The KSC 2100 ventilated rain-screen system was used in this project to mount. The result? A luxury residential structure that exceeds the bar set by experts and matches the  likeness of its predecessor.

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