We’re helping redefine the word building.
And in every sense of the word.


From metal panels and screening systems to louvers, column covers, and blade walls, KSC can recreate, in metal or composite, virtually any shape a designer can imagine. We collaborate with architects and owners to transform purely functional architectural features into ones that add character and style.

Screening Systems

We offer in-house design and fabrication of a variety of screening and shading systems that can minimize energy consumption while enhancing the character of any building.

Our ability to create virtually any shape offers architects and designers unprecedented freedom in creating aesthetically pleasing solutions to solar heat gain and glare.

Applications range from mechanical screens and veil systems to screening for parking garages.

Architectural Shade Systems

KSC can apply its extensive experience to design, fabricate, and install sun shades, eyebrows, fins, and blade walls to any structure.

Advance fabrication capabilities enable us to use perforated panels and a wide variety of other options to bring style to these very functional architectural features.

Now designers have expanded options in helping to keep buildings cool and protect interiors from damaging sunlight.

ACM Systems

KSC systems utilizing Aluminum Composite Material have been proven to meet the most stringent performance standards.

We use ACM in a wide variety of applications, including drain-back ventilated rainscreens, wet-seal systems, exposed fastened systems, and fins and blade walls.

Employing state-of-the-art technology such as 3D laser scanning, KSC helps architects and contractors achieve results never before possible.

Louvers & Covers

KSC designs, fabricates, and installs fixed, drainable louvers that are storm resistant and which can help protect windows and interiors from damaging weather and sunlight.

We can also fabricate column covers and beam wraps from a single-skin material or composite panel such as Aluminum Composite Material.

Together, these applications offer expanded possibilities to designers wanting to incorporate aesthetic style into a building’s structural and functional features.

Perforated Panel Systems

With decades of experience fabricating perforated aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, and MCM, KSC can offer architects and owners virtually limitless design options.

Our design-assist team can use perforated panel systems to help transform building features such as soffit panels, shade canopies, screen walls, and garage screening.

Building envelopes have entered an entirely new dimension with KSC’s extensive capabilities applying perforated panels.

Metal Panel Systems

KSC designs, fabricates, and installs unique screening solutions, applying the most appropriate material for the project, whether that be copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, or a composite.

Applying state-of-the-art technology such as 3D laser scanning, we execute efficiently and effectively to stay on schedule and in budget.

We collaborate with architects and contractors, playing a key role in the design-build team to help transform everyday structural components into exceptional design statements.