University of Texas Dallas Parking Structure

The graphic “waveform” concept developed by the architects at HKS was a perfect fit for this progressive university, given a curriculum based in science, mathematics and technology. Making that concept a reality was the hard part.

KSC’s solution? Employ highly accurate 3D design and custom dies to produce perfectly shaped, extruded aluminum angles, replacing the less precise, bent-plate aluminum specified in the original construction drawings. This not only allowed KSC to fabricate a full-scale mock-up on the exterior of their own building for troubleshooting and feasibility tests, but also eliminated the need for cumbersome and time-consuming field assembly of the more than 3,000 decorative components. Installation time was literally cut in half.

KSC implemented other efficiencies as well, designing and fabricating special trailers equipped with a system that allowed their pre-fabricated panel modules to be hoisted directly onto the parking structure; and an extra flagging component to escort inbound shipments directly to the job site, minimizing disruption to the flow of activity on a busy university campus.


Square Feet:

University of Texas at Dallas

TEXO-Distinguished Building Award Winner*


  • Design Assist

  • 3D & Scanning

  • Custom Fabrication


  • Screening Systems


  • Aluminum

  • Aluminum Composite